About Me


It’s me! (Being dramatic in a Berlin train station)

Hey(varti) there, its Olivia.

Aside from being a lover of all things cheese, I’m a 21 year old, third year journalism, philosophy, and sociology and politics student at NUI Galway. Though I’ve made Galway my home I’m a Bostonian at heart and juggle both of my lives in Ireland and in America.

Being so far away from home I’m often bored and homesick. Food can often be a way of bridging these gaps. Cooking is both entertaining, but also connects me to home, especially if I’m making a dish I would enjoy with my mom (for example, an amazing smoked gouda macaroni and cheese!).

While I don’t eat cheese at every meal and still don’t know too much about it, I enjoy¬†smelling, eating, looking at, and talking about,¬†cheese. Not only will this blog be a great way to express my love of cheese, but its a great excuse to fill myself with all different kinds of cheeses.

When I’m not ogling cheese I can be found listening to music, scrolling through pinterest, reading, playing guitar, chilling with my dog, or bothering my housemates.