Welcome to No Apolocheese! Whether you’re better with cheddar, singing the blues for blue cheese, or in ‘holey’ matrimony with swiss, this blog is sure to satisfy your appetite for all things cheese. As a student myself I want the wonderful world of cheese to be fun, cheap, and easy (the trifecta for any good time), for fellow students!

I’ll be exploring the world of cheese a little at a time. As long as I still love cheese here’s what you can expect at No Apolocheese:

  • Cheese and wine pairings (aka how to feel classy, but still get buzzed off some cheap stuff)
  • Easy, cheap, and tasty recipes
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Cheese I find on my travels
  • The history and craft of cheese
  • (Mis)adventures in at home cheese making
  • Cheese puns

…and so much more! So get ready for a cheesy ride!